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    Notifier CMIC-1 Fire Alarm System Chassis With Paging Microphone

    Notifier CMIC-1 Fire Alarm System Chassis With Paging Microphone, By Honeywell Is A Black Paging Microphone


    Notifier CMIC-1 Fire Alarm System Chassis With Paging Microphone, By Honeywell Is A Black Paging Microphone. It is well used with CA-1.

    The DVC is the heart of an integrated, full-featured Audio Command Center. The DVC Digital Voice Command combines the capabilities of a powerful digital audio processor, an eventdriven audio message generator, and a router.

    DVC supports a dedicated audio network with up to eight channels of audio, five channels of firefighter telephone communications, and control and supervision for up to 32 DAL devices. The DVC has two wire digital audio ports to connect to wire DAL segments. Either or both ports may be converted to multi-mode fiber or single-mode fiber using fiber option modules.

    Features & Benefits:
    • Programmable from NUP port using VeriFire® Tools
    • Up to 32 minutes of standard quality or 4 minutes of high quality digital audio storage of user-selected/created messages and tones. Supports twisted-pair wire media. Supports single- and multi-mode fiber-optic media when used with fiber option modules
    • 4-channel analog audio supported with optional DVC-AO
    • Up to 1000 audio sequences
    • Message prioritization
    • Equations support flexible programming for distribution of messages
    • Local paging microphone option
    • Remote microphone options
    • Optional Digital Voice Command Remote Paging Unit (DVC-RPU), or DVC-RPU mode
    • Push-to-talk relay, or logic argument
    • Isolated alarm bus input, to be used for backup activation of alarm messages in the event network communication is lost
    • UL Listed: S635
    • ULC Listed: S635
    • FM Approved
    • CSFM: 7165-0028:0224 (NFS2-3030); 7165-0028:0243 (NFS2-640)
    • FDNY: COA#6114 (NFS2-3030): COA#6085, COA#6121 (NFS2-640)
    • City of Chicago approved: High Rise, Class 1, Class 2 (NFS2-3030, NFS2-640, NCA-2)
    • City of Denver approved (NFS2-3030)
    • PSB Corporation approved (Singapore) (NFS2-3030)
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    Fire Alarm System, Chassis With Paging Microphone, Used With CA-1 Chassis, Black