IQ8Control esserbus module

Single loop modules for up to 127 Series 9200/IQ8 Quad intelligent fire detectors or bus devices, subdivisible into 127 detection zones


Analog loop modules are an efficient fire alarm control panel for the property supervision of small to mid-sized objects facilitates simultaneous detection, control and alarm signalling both on the analogy ring as well as on the spur. Within the multi-functional Analog loop module, the operation type (powered-loop or non-powered loop) can be selected via a jumper located on the control panel power supply unit. Depending on which loop operation type has been selected, the corresponding loop modules are required.

Features & Benefits:
  • Short circuit and open circuit resistant loop operation
  • Loop installation with I-Y(ST)Y 0.8 mm cable for a maximum length of 3.5 km
  • Up to 127 esserbus devices (fire detectors and/or manual call points)/detector zones per loop
  • Up to 32 esserbus transponders per loop/operation of wireless components
  • Loop powered, synchronously controlled, acoustic alarm signaling devices as per DIN EN 54-3 with alarm tone as per DIN 33404
  • Up to 64 powered loop IQ8Alarm Plus devices per loop
  • Up to 48 IQ8Quad detector with integrated alarm device per loop
  • Reactivation of alarm devices in case of alarm within 5 seconds after a short circuit confirmed and certified by VdS-Schadenverhütung