Detector Test Equipment

    Intelli Loop Test Tool

    Intelligent Loop Test Tool is a loop diagnostic device designed to help technicians save time when working with analogue loops.


    The Notifier Intelligent Loop Test Tool s a fully portable device with a large battery capacity meaning no mains power is required and meaning time on site can be scheduled independently of other contractors. The handset can be connected at any point around the loop and a specific loop device or wiring fault, such as incorrectly installed detector bases, can then be quickly located. The POL-100 also has full control of the loop and its elements, including the measurement of resistance to earth and various measures of loop current and voltage.

    Features & Benefits:
    • Full analysis and configuration capability without mains power
    • Can be used at any point on a loop
    • Complete information on the state of devices
    • Detailed loop topology information
    • Integrated multimeter functions (including measurements of loop resistance)
    • Autoconfiguration function
    • USB port for PC link
    • Large capacity internal memory
    • Accessory belt available for convenient carrying on-site