Detector Test Equipment

Smoke Detector Tester Equipment

Smoke Detector testing equipment suitable to test Honeywell detectors even if installed into areas with high ceiling.


Suite of test can and accessories useful to test smoke detectors. Multiple options are available.

Held baton used for testing smoke detectors, providing a distance between detector and the test smoke to avoid overdosing the optical chamber. Its design enable made testing more efficient. Can is stored with baton and is safe from being punctured when transporting.

Test smoke can can be also isntalled also into a cup with telescopic pole equipped with a crystal clear cup for better visibility, its unique design enable the compatibility with most of the smoke detectors currently into the market. Extensible plastic telescopic pole up to 7.7 m, made of sturdy and non-electrically conductive glass fibre. Suitable for any ceiling height thanks to the 4 robust adjustable clip, it offers high stability during recurrent maintenance operations.

Features & Benefits:
  • Smoke Detector Tester deisgend to be used with Telescopic Poles.
  • Strong, durable and 25% lighter.
  • Unique design features, user maintained with simple replaceable parts.
  • Crystal clear cup for better visibility.
  • No springs to replace, no need for return for factory repairs.
  • Universal – fits most detectors.
  • Improved design, lower maintenance and eco friendly.
  • CE