Network Cards & Modules

    RS485 Communication Module

    RS485 Communication Module supports two-wire RS485 multidrop transmission between networked ZX2Se/ZXSe/ZX5Se control panels


    RS485 Communication Module is The serial communication modules are plug-in expansion modules for use in the ZX series intelligent multi-protocol fi re alarm control panels. These optional modules add optically isolated communication ports to the ZX series control panels to allow serial communications for networking and peripherals. Two types of serial communication protocols are available with the ZX series control panels

    Features & Benefits:
    • Active and passive repeaters
    • Hi-485 High-integrity option for critical applications
    • External printers
    • 4-way programmable relay and sounder cards
    • 8-way input cards
    • 40-way mimic driver cards
    • Modbus and pager interface modules
    • Third-party graphic front-end interfacing