Innovation with the highest standards in fire industry

Innovation with the highest standards in fire control

Honeywell Gent is synonymous with quality and innovation in the fire detection and alarm industry. We are passionate about developing innovative products so that Gent becomes the brand of choice when protecting life and property.

Detection and alarm devices

Our loop-based analogue devices require just a single two-core cable to connect, and have short-circuit isolators to increase system integrity.


Connectivity on the go

CLSS provides you with remote and on-site software tools that can help reduce risks and enhance building safety.


Air sampling systems

Our air sampling detection (ASD) products detect fires early — often before smoldering becomes visible and intense smoke develops.


Analogue addressable panels

Made for high-risk residential buildings, the SAFE system bridges residential and landlord alarm systems.


Professional development

We offer downloadable continuing professional development (CPD) seminars, recognized as the fire industry’s principle education forum.


Latest updates

Want to know what’s going on with Gent? See our latest press releases.


Mobile apps for Gent products

A selection of smartphone and tablet apps that help plan, install and maintain our hardware.


CAD and BIM symbol downloads

Our helpful collection of product-specific CAD and BIM symbols make planning and architectural diagrams simpler to create.

The gold standard in fire technology

We’re passionate about quality and innovation to help you keep people and property safe from fire. Our partners are chosen for their ability to deliver the highest level of service. Let’s talk.