Car Parks and Public Places

Thanks to our Ex-Or heritage, we have extensive experience in making car parks and public spaces cost effective while ensuring that safety and user comfort are never compromised.

Energy Saving

Proper and safe illumination is essential in car parks but, without the right controls, this can be extremely costly. Occupancy of a car park will vary throughout the day with peak and off-peak traffic times but, by taking this into account and with proper planning, a lighting control scheme can deliver impressive savings.

Safety, Safety, Safety

Safety is a vital consideration in these areas, whether in their day-to-day running or an emergency situation. Entrances and exits, ramps or changes in height, must be illuminated before a user enters that space. Main vehicle access points must be illuminated permanently during operating hours. Visitors need to feel safe too. They need enough light to be able to see across the car park or public space. Lighting solutions must comply with legislation and regulations while being cost effective and Honeywell Lighting Controls can help guide its customers in achieving both.

Eye Adaptation

Accounting for eye adaptation (moving from the outside to the internal environment) is another safety consideration. A combination of time clock switch and photocell will ensure that higher illumination is provided at the entrance points when ambient daylight conditions are bright. Lower levels will correspondingly be provided at night so that visitors are not dazzled when they move from the outside darkness into the lit area. Honeywell Lighting Controls understands these factors and builds user comfort into their solutions.

Key Considerations and Application Notes

  • Safety - both in day-to-day running and emergency situations.
  • Compliance with legislation.
  • Illumination of entrances and exits, ramps and changes in traffic flow or overhead space.
  • Visitors’ perception of the space, i.e. they need to feel safe.
  • Consistency of experience whether in a car or on foot.
  • Eye adaptation - there should be no sudden contrast in lighting level when entering the area.