Wired Controls Systems


Honeywell Lighting Controls DALI Lighting System (DLS) with DALI addressability gives the user total control of their lighting to enhance the lit space. From setting groups and scenes to regulating light levels that maximise the use of natural daylight and when combined with accurate occupancy data can result in better energy management.

DALI16 is a DALI lighting control application (LCA) within the best in class LightSpot HD PIR sensor.

DALI64 offers all the benefits of DALI16 with the addition of Bluetooth commissioning and switches.

Ideal in modern work spaces with open soffits and areas needing discrete fittings.

MLS Digital

The MLS Digital Managed Lighting System has been designed to provide optimum lighting conditions and maximum flexibility for lighting projects of any size.

MLS Digital offers considerably more benefits than stand-alone lighting control options and time-of-day lighting management systems. It can provide a fully integrated lighting and lighting management system offering.

  • The convenience and visual comfort of zoned lighting (including common zones, sustained exit routes, notional corridors, customised scenes and building-wide zones)
  • Straightforward installation (including via Intelligent Lighting Control Modules)
  • Simple commissioning using a hand-held infrared programmer
  • Distributed intelligence – no need for a centralized computer
  • Optional computer-based graphical management and control of the system
  • Optional BACnet interface enables integration within Building Management Systems

The enhanced performance of the system is made possible by using communicating presence detectors. Information on the current state of occupancy within the building runs through the low voltage bus network. Physical barriers such as walls and partitions do not impede this process.

The MLS solution comprises three main components:

​MLS system infrastructure including power supplies, bus transceivers, scene control and local control plates

MLS Intelligent Lighting Control Modules ​provide connections for multiple luminaires, sensors and SELV inputs and can be used to simplify installation of an MLS Digital system or to provide flexible local control solutions​

MLS Network Sensors which provide input to the system

SceneSelect II

SceneSelect II allows the user to create and recall custom pre-set scenes. Once the lighting is set up in the area for an activity, the combination of lighting levels is saved as a pre-set scene and the user can fade between different pre-sets at the touch of a button. It can be used to control all types of lighting: fluorescent, low voltage and mains voltage.

SceneSelect II comprises ranges of controllers, dimmers and wall mounted control panels which can be configured to provide the optimum scene control lighting solution.​