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    Intelligent Building Optimization

    A healthy comfortable indoor environment doesn’t have to mean compromising on energy efficiency. Here’s why.

    When healthy and sustainable are equally important, Honeywell technology can help achieve both

    Intelligent Building Optimization enables building owners and operators to optimize building air quality and energy efficiency in real time. Part of the Honeywell Buildings Sustainability Manager powered by Honeywell Forge, the solution helps building owners and operators meet two pressing yet often conflicting objectives: reduce the environmental impact of buildings to meet their carbon neutrality goals while optimizing indoor air quality to support occupant well-being.


    Commercial buildings currently account for almost a third of global energy consumption and 37% of global energy-related CO2 emissions . It is imperative to find energy savings within the built environment and help the world achieve carbon reduction commitments.

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    Choosing between occupant well-being and energy consumption is a relic of the past.

    The iconic Sydney Opera House is shaping a more sustainable future enabled by Honeywell’s solutions

    Intelligent building solutions can help achieve your sustainability goals.

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