Sustainability: An Operational Imperative For Buildings

New research from Honeywell, in partnership with The Business Journals , documents an evolving sustainability landscape for commercial buildings — particularly office buildings — and outlined the top sustainability measures companies should take over the next year.

Many U.S. companies are in the midst of major sustainability initiatives to improve the efficiency of their operations and reduce impact on the environment. The initiatives are taken for reasons ranging from lowering the operating costs of their buildings to complying with regulations or from satisfying client demand for efficient tenant space to being viewed as a leader in sustainable operations in their industry or city.

This eBook looks at the evolving sustainability landscape in commercial buildings, particularly office buildings. It examines new research showing what types of sustainability initiatives businesses are taking, how top corporate leaders value sustainability, and how they measure the ROI of their sustainability initiatives.

Download this eBook to get key insights into the top priorities companies expect to take over the next year, and the role tenants have in the sustainability initiatives they seek from their building owners and managers.