Honeywell Data Center Manager

    A single source of truth that puts the data center at your fingertips

    Efficiency begins with clarity

    Balancing growth and resource constraints is a perpetual challenge for data centers, particularly as demand continues to surge. To limit downtime risk while keeping operational costs low, you need a clear view – a single source of truth about your operations. Monitor information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) in a unified view of performance and analytics. Built on the open Niagara Framework™, this on-premise site supervisor is designed to help you drive key improvements like uptime and energy savings.

    Streamline site management to achieve operational goals

    Data Center Manager monitors your critical infrastructure to provide actionable insights about key parameters such as power use and thermal status. Performance analytics are provided in visual dashboards along with alerts and data-based recommendations.

    Uptime & Resiliency

    Data Center Manager continuously monitors & controls critical thermal and power assets to quickly triage anomalies.​

    Operational Efficiency

    With an all-in-one design, Data Center Manager improves a technician's focus and productivity with integration of all critical assets into a single source of truth.​


    By  integrating IT and OT data, actionable insights are generated that enable informed decisions on energy savings and optimization solutions to meet sustainability and OpEx goals.

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    A one size fits all approach

    Data Center Manager is a multi-market solution due to the integration of all critical assets for maximum productivity.


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