Honeywell Data Center Portfolio View

    Optimize Data Center Operations Across a Fleet of Data Centers

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    Manage a fleet of data centers while making data-driven decisions

    Integrated with Honeywell Data Center Manager, Portfolio View enables CxOs and operations management to optimally manage a fleet of data centers and make data-driven decisions to achieve uptime, efficiency and sustainability goals. Learn more about how we help meet uptime and sustainability goals of data centers.

    How does it work?

    Honeywell Data Center Portfolio View allows you to see all of your facilities and associated KPIs in one map-based view and also allows them to drill down into more detail of individual facilities. ​It works by abstracting the data from individual site level Data Center Managers to provide a portfolio level dashboard. Rapidly provides improved hierarchical visibility giving data centers the ability to turn their data into insights which will maintain resiliency, improve energy & operations savings, and improve sustainability KPI metrics. Allows to switch easily between Portfolio level View and individual Data Center Manager site level view.


    Improved Efficiency

    • Monitor C-Suite KPIs at Portfolio level, as well as at each data center site
    • Data and insights on the fleet of data centers to minimize downtime and lower operating costs
    • KPI based Performance score for Portfolio Sites

    Sustainability / ESG

    • Key metrics to track sustainability progress
    • View PUE, Uptime, Power, Space, Capacity and Energy Consumption information to enable better decision making at the Portfolio level

    Situational Awareness

    • Get real-time status and notifications of fire, alarms and critical events
    • Generate Reports and Logs and trends for fleet-level analysis
    • Better situational awareness to ensure SLAs are met

    We Know Data Centers

    Consolidate mission-critical operations into a unified view to streamline monitoring and management and arm you with actionable intelligence to help optimize uptime, energy use, costs and more. Our end-to-end portfolio of solutions are designed to keep your data center operations running at peak performance.

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