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    DVC Series Dress Panel

    The DVC Series Dress Panels by NotifierR are part of Digital Voice Command or DVC.These dress panels play the role of mounting the DVC with CA-1 chassis when CMIC-1 microphone is not used.


    DVC series Dress Panels by NotifierR are designed for mounting the Digital Voice Commands or DVCs of full featured Audio Command Centres. These dress panels are specifically used with CA-1 chassis , i.e. one tier chassis in the absence of a microphone CMIC -1. There are options for mounting on right two bays for two ACS annunciators or for blank plates.

    Features & Benefits:
    • Supports DVC-KD with two annunciator positions
    • Tough and durable
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    DVC Series Dress Panel, Dress Plate for CA-1, Supports DVC-KD with 2 Annunciator Positions