Secure your data, people, process by building Cyber Resilience

A connected building enables bold innovation, but can take key steps to protect the data and processes your connections generate.

In an ever-evolving digital era, your building’s Operational Technology (OT) systems have mostly likely become more and more connected.  Neglecting your overall operating environment can potentially increase cyber risks

Unlock the full potential of OT while mitigating cyber risks

An enhanced cybersecurity strategy and mitigation plan helps you prepare, protect and seamlessly recover your business against potentially adverse cyber threats.

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Know what you need before you start

Discover the levels of cybersecurity maturity:

1. Essential

  • Cybersecurity Assessments and Advisory
  • Appliances and Software
  • ​Incident Readiness and Advisory

2. Core

  • Secure design​
  • Appliances and Software

3. Advanced

  • Cybersecurity Monitoring
  • Remote Management
  • Appliances and Software

Find a trusted advisor

As a leading solutions provider and founding member of the ISA Global Cybersecurity Alliance, we take a holistic approach to cybersecurity. We can help you mitigate and minimize impact to your business operations and your brand reputation — by working with you as a consultant in identifying potential vulnerabilities and gaps in your OT network. Thus, providing recommendations and offering software solutions, remote monitoring and finally preparedness if a cyber breach occurs.

Our portfolio of services and solution


Cybersecurity Assessment and Advisory

We will provide a baseline of your environment, offering cybersecurity insights you can act on. Our team will conduct an initial onsite assessment to help identify your operational technology needs. We will then provide detailed guidance on future actions you can consider to better secure your OT environment.

Secure Configuration and Design

Data powers your facility. We can help you secure your network, harden devices and promote best-practices network architectural design.

With IoT on the rise, cybersecurity risks are increasing. Our hardening configuration policies and practices helps protect your building — by better securing your OT network and devices, and aligning your OT network with industry best-practices.

Cybersecurity Appliances and Software 

By using robust cybersecurity applications for added software and hardware resilience, we can help identify your specific needs.

  • Secure Media Exchange (SMX) to help protect your OT system from USB threats with an award-winning solution
  • Honeywell Advanced Endpoint Security (HAES) by Deep InstinctTM which is one of the most sophisticated, intuitive and revolutionary real-time next generation anti-virus
  • Next Generation Firewall
  • Support for Application White Listing (AWL)
  • Backup and Recovery

Cybersecurity Monitoring and Remote management

Providing continuous monitoring and securing critical facility applications such as your Building Management System (BMS) and other OT assets can be challenging. Resilient protection means cybersecurity solutions tailored to your facility.

Greater visibility often means more effective cybersecurity for your building. Because operational systems can be easy targets for cyberattacks, they often require enhanced visibility of vulnerable entry points and industry best practices to improve resilience and help secure your network

Our solutions can help promote enhanced security and visibility over your OT network.  They promote a more vigilant watch of the overall performance of your OT systems, patch management and enhanced alerts for faster incident response.​

The HRM platform continuously monitors and analyzes your critical OT servers, workstations, virtual machines to alert you regarding potential issues. 

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Incident Readiness and Advisory

When your data is compromised, restoring systems to a minimal viable operating level can be critical. Our team can help with the restoration and operation of your systems, while safely re-establishing your cybersecurity controls​.​

Learn about our complete portfolio of cybersecurity software and services to start building enhanced resilience and reduce your OT cybersecurity risks.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ Let’s get started to improve your cyber resiliency