Buildings can be forward thinking, too.

Technology transforms people. It gives us better information. Makes us safer. Gets us ready for what lies ahead. It can do the same for buildings.

We see beyond the products you need to the challenges you need to address.

Our approach to security, fire or HVAC involves integrating siloed, legacy systems with the latest technologies. We take a holistic approach to deliver greater insights and support your business outcomes.

Let a fire know it picked the wrong building.

We can pinpoint a fire when it's just a wisp of smoke, direct occupants to safety and assist first responders.

Smarter buildings lead to greater control.

Intelligent building management puts automation, efficiency and control at your fingertips, increasing comfort and security.

The future of building security began 75 years ago.

Helping people feel safe and secure is an expectation we always want to exceed. Digitalization is driving new ways to improve building security.

Need to know about availability?

Our expertise and products are currently available in Canada, United States, Latin America and Europe.

Catalyze your business growth

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