Keep people and places safer

    A recent survey showed 90% of business leaders saw a “dramatic increase” in physical security threats from 2021 to 2022.[i] Technology solutions can help building owners meet critical business outcomes without compromising safety and security. This means building owners need to be ready to handle a variety of incidents, manage threats, have accurate situational awareness and manage the fire and life safety needs of their facilities.

    Security issues aren’t always malicious actions. It could be not managing access control to sensitive spaces in a building or relying on human response in a crisis. Using an integrated approach to security and life safety, building owners can achieve multiple outcomes including creating standard operating procedures to enable faster and consistent responses to situation, gaining awareness of the people, assets and property across a building or enterprise, and manage threats with access control, video systems and intrusion detection.

    Life safety systems are also critical – not just in an emergency but through the daily operations of a building. Honeywell’s leadership in fire and life safety can provide building owners and operations with advanced protection for people, property and assets including full visibility of a fire system’s performance from a mobile device, including capabilities for digital documentation of system tests and performance.

    Security and life safety are critical to the occupant experience. Linking the occupant experience platform to safety systems also makes it easier to manage evacuations and other emergencies, especially where hybrid work models have caused day-to-day fluctuation in the number of on-site workers and how they utilize building spaces.

    [i] Ontic, The 2022 State of Protective Intelligence Report, [Accessed May 6, 2023]