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NovaTime Option Smartphone App

NovaTime Option Smartphone App provides the terminal app by this function bookings can be made directly with the smartphone


NovaTime Smartphone App Option is the functions of the program largely correspond to the 'mobile HTML terminal' with the difference that the bookings can also be saved offline if there is currently no connection to the cellular network. If there is an online connection for the app, queries and bookings are possible in real time. The time of the server is used as the booking time by default, regardless of the time of the client.

The app is available free of charge in the Google PlayStore. An Android version 2.3.3 or higher is required for the app. For NovaTime the option "Terminal App" must be licensed (option, from version 4.4.01). "Coming", "Going" and "Business trips" are available as booking buttons. There are also five freely definable function keys. These can be used for additional postings (e.g. flex time from tomorrow, school today, standby, break) or account inquiries.

The identification of the employee can be set individually. ID number, personnel number or name are available. As a password query, there are the options "Password" or "PIN code". The latter is only possible with the “access control” option. A multi-user mode is also available. For example, a foreman can use the smartphone to make bookings for his subordinate employees. If the option "cost centers" is available, the cost centers can be booked via the app

Features & Benefits:
  • The app is available free of charge in the Google PlayStore
  • Five freely definable function keys
  • Password option is available
  • A multi-user mode is also available