Current firmware for DALI64 is V2.4.0.1 download here

    Once downloaded use Light Touch App to update the firmware

    You can find the latest version of Light Touch on the Google Play Store

    What’s new

    • General:

    - Regulation when configuring 3 offset groups

    - Regulation when configuring a space as a ‘cupboard’ application.

    - Cupboard’ application here is defined as applications where there is for example a small cupboard adjacent to a main room equipped with DALI64, but the lights in the cupboard only need to be switched manually with no requirements to add a further DALI64. In such applications, the main room lights are put in a separate groups which is assigned to Occupancy Group of DALI64. Another group is then created to include the cupboard lights and subsequently assigned to a switch input.

    • Additional Features:

    - Sustain feature required to allow use of non-DALI sensors wired into switch input

    - "off" overrides don't time out - to prevent lights turning on automatically at night when area stays occupied