Restoring passenger confidence

Reducing the spread of pathogens and helping terminal operators identify and quickly resolve issues are important factors in maintaining healthier terminals

Creating healthier and sustainable airports for the future

Deploying adequate sensing and control across airport facilities can reduce the spread of pathogens and help terminal operators to identify and resolve issues in a timely manner.

Land more outcomes for your airport

The right equipment makes it easy to adapt to new challenges. See what your airport can achieve when you have Honeywell solutions working for you.

Healthy Airport Webinar : Flying Passengers Safely and efficiently from Curb to Destination

A panel discussion in association with Global Airport Summit Online featuring Honeywell, Schiphol International Airport, ACI, Bologna International Airport and San Francisco Airport

ThermoRebellion at JFK Airport

Watch how Honeywell engineered to detect high skin temperature quickly and effectively while keeping people on the move in the airport

Healthy Airports Webinar : How Airport will adapt

Learn how Honeywell technologies and solutions are helping create healthier and sustainable airports for the future

The Airport of The Future Whitepaper

In the current environment, airports’ sustainable recovery is an opportunity to build future-ready aviation eco-systems. From creating healthier airports, to mitigating potential security risks, and generating operational efficiency through IoT solutions – there are ways to enable the transformation.