Navigating Incentives and Grants to Build Your EV Infrastructure

    Thursday, June 20, 1pm EST

    Equipping a building or campus with EV charging stations can help attract tenants and occupants, potentially increase traffic to commercial spaces and be monetized as a new source of revenue, as well as support sustainability goals and commitments.

    Unfortunately, the high upfront costs of implementing an EV charging infrastructure often deter organizations from committing to such projects.

    However, there is a growing number of funding opportunities available for EV charging, from government stimulus and utility rebates to tax incentives, local programs and more. You just need to know how to access them. 

    Join this webinar with Honeywell, Loop Global and EVerged experts to find out how to identify EV charging funding opportunities in your area, apply for them and maximize your chances of securing the resources to implement your EV infrastructure.

    You will learn how to:

    • Unlock financial resources: Discover a variety of funding opportunities (grants, incentives, tax breaks) available across North America to support the implementation of EV charging infrastructures.

    • Apply for and secure funding: Understand the eligibility requirements and learn from industry experts how to navigate the application processes for these programs to maximize your chances of securing funding.

    • Future-proof your building: How to attract environmentally conscious tenants, enhance property value, and stay ahead of the curve by implementing an EV charging infrastructure.


    • Gaurav Agarwal, EV Solutions Director, Honeywell Building Automation

    • Jefferson Smith, President, EVerged

    • TBD, Loop Global

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