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The Message Matters.

Messages broadcasted over emergency notification systems must be reliable, intelligible, and most importantly, heard regardless of the environment. Specializing in powerful, precise and effective mass notification, HyperSpike long range speakers prove that quality equals safety.

Reduced Costs
All of the HyperSpike speakers produce very high power in a very small package meaning you can use less speakers than would typically be needed for a job. This saves costs on parts, labor, and installation. In one recent case study, we were able to take a design using 244 regular 15-watt speakers and replace them with only 3 HyperSpike speakers.

Improved Intelligibility
A speaker’s intelligibility is typically evaluated using the Speech Transmission Index or STI values ranging from 0 to 1, with 0 being the least intelligible and 1 the most intelligible. Using the STI scale, the HyperSpike speakers earn values between 0.85 to 0.91, far exceeding the very high military acoustic standard of 0.7. 

 Superior Quality
Engineered to cut through high noise environments, HyperSpike speakers produce clear tones and voice notifications in difficult applications. They are also UL 1480 listed and available in a variety of form factors for both indoor and outdoor use.

Product Details

HyperSpike Linewave Loudspeaker

Designed with the latest technology in line array speaker systems, the HyperSpike LineWave is optimized to produce clear and authoritative voice commands and powerful tones never before possible within reverberant environments.

  • UL 1480 Type F
  • ULC S541/CSA C22.2 NO. 205
  • CSFM 7320-2206:0502
  • Highly Intelligible in Reverberant Spaces
  • 123dB Max SPL @ 1 Meter
  • Indoor or Outdoor Damp Applications
  • Universal Mounting Interface
  • 25V, 70V, & 100V or 4/8/16Ω Configurable
  • Available Black, Red, White and Silk Grey
HyperSpike TCPA-10 Loudspeaker

Best-in-industry voice quality and intelligibility, combined with sharp and high impact tone capability, make it the right choice for ensuring critical messages are heard and understood.

  • UL 1480 Listed and CID2 Certified
  • ULC S541/CSA C22.2 No. 205 and No. 213
  • Ideal for high ambient environments
  • Significant reduction in installation costs
  • Highly intelligible voice communication (STI = Excellent)
  • Distributed Audio, Direct Drive and POE/Addressable configurations
  • Lightweight at 9 lbs
  • Usable range at 80dB up to 1,040ft

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