July 26th or Aug 9 8AM – 9AM EST


Discover one of the most sophisticated, intuitive, and revolutionary real-time, next generation anti-virus solutions that uses a deep learning (DL) framework to help detect and deter cyber threats expeditiously. The proactive and prevention centric approach enhances protection, while helping to dramatically reduce costs.


Logan Gilbert

Logan, a seasoned professional with extensive experience in the field, currently holds the position of Global Solutions Architect at Deep Instinct, where he has been contributing his expertise for nearly four years. Before joining Deep Instinct, Logan had a successful track record spanning over two decades, fulfilling key roles such as business development and solution engineering executive, technology solution architect, and Chief Information Security Officer.

Nick Eneboe

·       Nick is a highly motivated professional, where he currently serves as the Director of MSSP Sales at Deep Instinct. With a history of delivering outstanding results in the ever-changing landscape of the Enterprise IT industry, Nick excels in generating sales, fostering robust channel partnerships, and providing exceptional account management. Nick's proficiency extends to various domains, including networking, cybersecurity, and managed services.

Yu-Gene Chen

Yu-Gene Chen is a professional in product development, product management, project management, engineering, Marketing, and Business management. 

He is a Georgia Tech (Georgia Institute of Technology) engineering graduate with over 35 years (15+ with Honeywell) in discovering customer needs and creating solutions that solve customer problems.  He started out as a practicing Nuclear Power Plant Engineer and Field Engineer and shifted focus to gain broad cross-industry experience in oil and gas, chemical, food and beverage, pulp and paper, manufacturing, medical, and IT networking that has led to 10 granted patents in wireless mesh networking, security, and control applications.