Sustainability In Commercial Buildings

    Honeywell eBook series outlining the evolving landscape of sustainability in the built environment

    New research from Honeywell, in partnership with The Business Journals , documents an evolving sustainability landscape for commercial buildings — particularly office buildings — and outlined the top sustainability measures companies should take over the next year.

    To understand how companies are approaching sustainability, the study surveyed almost 1,200 U.S. business executives who work for companies of 50 or more employees across a range of industries that include manufacturing, construction, architecture/engineering, banking, logistics, communications and retail, among others. 

    eBook 1 - Committing to NetZero: How businesses are meeting their carbon pledge

    This eBook is provides key insights into how sustainability initiatives are viewed and executed and how the roadmap is designed. The research also outlines how companies and their executives view sustainability and what drives the initiatives. 

    eBook 2 - Sustainability: An operational imperative For commercial building Owners and tenants

    This eBook looks at the evolving sustainability landscape in commercial buildings. It examines the types of sustainability initiatives building owners and tenants are taking and how they value these programs and measure the return on investment.