BMS 101: Honeywell and Leeds Beckett University create a custom syllabus for facilities management students

    A career in building management isn’t always a straight path from university to a posh building. Honeywell and Leeds Beckett University have joined forces to develop a unique curriculum that delivers unparalleled access to industry knowledge and experience to better support students in the building management field.

    The custom scheme was initiated by Lucy Hind, senior lecturer, facilities management, who wanted to add real-world sector expertise to the syllabus. As a result, students at the university’s school of building environment, engineering and commuting are now gaining experience-based insights and practical know-how to back up their theoretical learning.

    The programme is designed to support people who do not have a facilities management background by helping furnish them with the appropriate skills and an understanding of the digital backbone that building management systems (BMS) provide today’s buildings. It consists of a series of presentations, interviews and events focused on building innovation, energy, sustainability and analytics, which draw extensively from Honeywell’s practical experience and expertise.

    Studied together, these will explain how a modern BMS can deliver healthier, more energy efficient and flexible buildings using sensors, data discovery and enhanced connectivity; trends that are already reshaping the built environment. The growing pressure for environmental performance and the increasing need to demonstrate occupant well-being features, such as air quality and humidity levels, are driving the adoption of increasingly complex technologies.

    The course components provide a detailed look at the pivotal role a BMS has in securing the desired outcomes for all stakeholders from building managers, to occupants, visitors and building owners. Having access to Honeywell’s extensive expertise will help students better prepare themselves for the challenges ahead and strengthen their career prospects.

    This is especially important as the UK faces a digital skills shortage, according to the Learning & Work Institute. The Honeywell and Leeds Beckett University programme is designed to help address this by providing students with insights and training on next generation BMS as well as professional networking development. It’s designed to give students not only the best start for their careers but also reinforce the wider facilities management sector and the future of enhanced building operations.