Check on Building Systems to ensure Smooth Workplace Re-openings

    The COVID-19 pandemic has brought a great deal of uncertainty – and a greater awareness of our surroundings: The places we visit, The people we’re in close contact with, The air we breathe.

    Even with preventative measures like wearing a mask, social distancing and frequent hand washing, many people continue to be concerned – even fearful – of visiting commercial buildings and returning to in-person work. Employees and visitors alike want to feel safe.

    In a global survey of 2,000 workers conducted by Wakefield Research. 68% of respondents said they do not feel completely safe working in their employer's buildings. For those working remotely, 75% said they are especially skeptical about the safety of work sites.

    This number is even higher for those working remotely: 75% are especially skeptical about the safety of work sites.

    Improving indoor air quality is a key factor in healthier building outcomes

    As a commercial building owner or manager, optimizing indoor air quality is nothing new. But is your building return ready?

    Honeywell Building Technologies president and chief executive officer Vimal Kapur explains why air quality is a chief concern today:

    "Workers are keenly attuned to the steps employers are taking to make their workspaces safer and healthier. Air quality, for example, is not something that will be dismissed once we're on the other side of this pandemic. It will be essential to the occupant experience, and good air quality will help make workers feel more comfortable as they return back to their offices."

    Are you ready to take action? We want to help

    Given Wakefield’s alarming survey results, we recommend you begin making improvements immediately to help restore your employees’ confidence. A healthier building may also benefit your long-term real estate value.

    Our online library of resources will help you be better informed and better prepared to take action. Inside you’ll find:

    • Anatomy of a healthy building: an analysis to help building owners and managers create a strategy to help improve indoor air quality.
    • Informative videos with industry experts on the importance of air quality.
    • A checklist to help you better prepare for the reopening of your workplace.
    • How, with the right tools to manage air quality, your building can monitor and help clean the air people breathe – automatically and efficiently.

    Take your first step to a healthier building. Visit our online library for more on cleaner indoor air quality and how you can make your commercial building return ready.