Stronger together

Adhishesh Sood, Healthy Buildings Strategic Alliances Leader, Honeywell Building Technologies

For many years, I have enjoyed shifting from activity to activity when it comes to my personal wellness. Amongst many, my favorite is boxing. I am a right-handed boxer. Not a professional, but more than adept at a few jabs. A while ago, my coach taught me a technique that applies to the work that I do with partnerships.

The pandemic forced organizations of all sizes and kinds to keep their guard up, sparring with the various new rules, regulations, way of life and the hybrid future that we are now preparing. We have been delivering jabs to how we work, rolling and slipping under punches of what’s new to handle every day, from indoor air quality to new norms of safety and security and how to read data.

Soon, we realized that it was going to be difficult doing it all by ourselves. We needed an ecosystem – coaches, gloving stewards, timekeepers, referees, and judges. Most of all, we needed a cornerman who could help us recover and make us stronger.

Creating an ecosystem

Having strong alliances is like throwing a left. In a boxing ring, the first stance of a boxer will tell his opponent of which punch is going to be stronger before any punches are even thrown. If it’s the right hand, the jabs are harder, they come at the opponent faster and more methodically. What surprises and delivers more value is the left, which has been waiting, preparing, integrating and often comes at unexpected, breakneck speed.

Since March of 2020, we’ve strengthened our bench of cornermen to make the Honeywell Healthy Buildings offering even stronger, allowing us to throw more lefts. With organizations like Signify, The International Well Building Institute, Dimer and Idemia, we’re complementing our strengths with more strength. From insights into best practices in occupant well-being, lighting expertise to UV-C-based surface cleaning, we’ve built a team of cornermen, that enhance our Healthy Buildings portfolio.

Lighting represents 17% of all electricity used in U.S. commercial buildings according to the Commercial Buildings Energy Consumption Survey, making it the largest end use of electricity in buildings.  Honeywell’s work with Signify harnesses the power of integrated, smart lighting solutions aimed at improving the occupant experience. Together, we’re addressing all elements of healthier buildings: improving occupant well-being and productivity as well as reducing energy consumption.  

Honeywell is a contributor to the development of the WELL performance rating and leverages its IWBI relationship for industry collaborations, access to market updates and trend insights.

Dimer Technologies helps Honeywell expand into surface cleaning across different uses, including their product UV Hammer and also the UV treatment system for aircraft cabins licensed by Honeywell and more recently recognized in TIME's Best Inventions of 2020.

Idemia enhanced our ability to create frictionless and more efficient buildings, allowing occupants to engage with a building easily and securely with limited contact.

Roll, Slip and Throw a left

Despite the unpredictability of today’s environment, our ecosystem of technology and industry alliances helps us roll and slip under the blows of this vulnerable situation. More importantly, it’s enabling us to emerge stronger and more capable of delivering that hard left of greater value to our customers.