The Smart Way to Enhance the Performance of Medical Facilities

Medical facilities need to run smoothly, no matter how busy they get. Lives can depend on it. Fortunately, specialized technology can help clear process bottlenecks and reinvigorate procedures, explains Hany Saleeb, Global Healthcare Offering Director, Honeywell Building Technologies.

Hospitals are busy, operationally complex and often stressful places. Despite this, they need to run smoothly and efficiently, irrespective of the workload. In an environment as critical as healthcare, an effective use of resources plays a central role in helping to deliver and maintain these objectives. Keeping tabs on patient movements and resource availability in a continually evolving setting, though, can test even the most effective management team to the limit. Fortunately, help is at hand.

It’s often the more routine things, such as checking barcodes, that can prove time consuming. That’s why Honeywell has created purpose-built healthcare tools that build connected workflows that integrate data to streamline everyday tasks. For example, by leveraging the power and user interface of a smartphone, Honeywell has developed a single pocket-sized, mobile device for nurses and practitioners that can scan patient wristbands, communicate with care teams via voice and text, manage and respond to alarms and even manage other medical devices.

Improving day-to-day outcomes

At a more holistic level, Honeywell offers an analytics platform that combines artificial intelligence (AI) with real-time data to deliver valuable insights about the location of patients, staff, equipment and services. By linking this analytics platform with an electronic health record system, a hospital’s IT infrastructure and its communication platforms, it is possible to provide operational insights that can save time, money and improve medical outcomes.

Increasing operational insight can enable healthcare organizations to optimize the use of their assets to ward off bottlenecks, cut waiting times and upgrade the overall patient experience. This is important as hospitals are increasingly expected to improve day-to-day outcomes and enhance efficiencies, often with little or no increase in budgets. Systems based on machine learning can help deliver these objectives and also help medical facilities rapidly adapt, in beneficial and cost-effective ways.

Orchestrating excellence

Honeywell has a well-established relationship with the healthcare sector. From admission through to point of care, from pharmacy to the lab, we have the experience, the knowledge and the tools that help health centers and hospitals maximize the use and deployment of available skills and resources, in the process creating a connected environment that can help support enhanced treatment outcomes across the board.

From cleaning processes and property maintenance, through to the planning of complex, costly multi-disciplinary treatments, Honeywell’s solutions can deliver the data needed to optimize efficiencies safely and effectively. By transforming raw data into actionable intelligence, we can help hospitals and healthcare facilities orchestrate excellence. 

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