Honeywell Announces Enhancements to INNCOM INNcontrol 5 Energy Management and Guestroom System at Hitec

    • Adds multi-property management and analytics to INNcontrol 5 for ‘portfolio-level’ users
    • Introduces mid-market product offering that combines cost-effective simplicity for reduced energy use

    ATLANTA, June 17, 2019 – Honeywell (NYSE: HON), a global leader in connected buildings, announced enhancements to its INNCOM INNcontrol 5 (IC5) Energy Management and Guestroom Control System that will allow multi-property scalability for full portfolio management. Honeywell also launched a new mid-market product offering to make cost-effective, simplified energy management available to a wider range of properties. INNCOM’s full suite of products are on display at HITEC 2019 at booth 1839, June 18-20 in Minneapolis.

    Manage Full Hotel Portfolio with INNcontrol 5 Energy Management & Guestroom Control System

    The IC5 system lets operators monitor and manage energy and guestroom controls for an entire hotel property – and now across an entire hotel portfolio – in real time to identify and resolve issues before they affect guests, track energy usage, and deliver better operational efficiency. IC5 collects guestroom data and presents it on a dynamic dashboard that displays key performance indicators (KPIs) that impact property operations and functions. The system can provide real-insight into energy utilization by hotel portfolio, property and or individual guestroom along with occupancy status and overall system health. The cloud-based system provides mobile alerts, data analytics, and securely integrates with third-party systems to address each property’s unique operational goals.

    IC5 enhancements include:

    • A system that is now scalable to deliver optimized energy use, guest comfort and operational efficiency across multiple properties within a hotelier’s portfolio
    • New IC5 mobile web app that allows users to access the full product capabilities via mobile device to be more responsive to changes at your property in near real time; users can also make changes to the property via the app.
    • Push alarms, alerts and notifications that will alert users whenever something important happens at your property in real time.
    • Analytics Service Exchange (ASX) Dynamic Dashboard generates live, in-depth reports that detail a property’s performance across a variety of areas; previously, these reports required up to three to six months of run time to develop. 
    • Custom access levels for property staff – either readable or writable – to ensure maximum security.
    • Dynamic room trend view provides multiple data point readings at any time; users can pick a date or time duration and see a guestroom data points to validate and troubleshoot potential issues.

    “Energy management is more than a smart thermostat,” said Apurv Johari, general manager of INNCOM by Honeywell. “With our enhanced INNcontrol 5 we can help hoteliers of varying size and scale – including chain brands – attain their sustainability goals, LEED certification plans and corporate initiatives to reduce energy use. Most importantly, IC5 improves guest comfort which is important for a hotel’s reputation and overall guest retention.”

    IC5 easily integrates to Honeywell Forge for Buildings, a new category of software developed by Honeywell called Enterprise Performance Management for Operations Technology, that connects operational data from assets, processes and people with machine learning to continuously improve their building performance and help customers maximize performance and productivity with actionable insights.

    The IC5 secure cloud platform lets operators take advantage of flexible pricing that includes subscription options. IC5 is backward compatible with INNcontrol 3, INNCOM’s previous energy management and guestroom control system.

    Energy Management and Guestroom Control for Mid-Market Properties

    The newly positioned INNCOM hardware and tailored networked packages are specifically designed for the Mid-Market hotel segment. The packages will be designed for each Mid-Market hotel customer. The core package will feature a thermostat with motion sensor coupled with a door switch. More advanced packages will provide full guestroom control and integrations with temperature, humidity, drapery, lighting and amenities with the option for voice control. These products can help Mid-Market hoteliers to help save operating costs and even meet local energy saving incentive programs.

    “We are creating tailored product packages to meet the needs of the Mid-Market hotel segment – no matter your budget,” said Johari. “These packages have an affordable price point and can start to show a return on investment for Mid-Market hotels in less than two years.”

    For more information stop by booth #1849, or visit www.inncom.com.

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