The next big step toward sustainability

Buildings are integral to our daily lives, but they can have a big impact on the planet, in energy consumption and carbon emissions. At Honeywell, we have solutions that can help you meet your sustainability goals and lower operating cost while providing a great experience for the people who live in, work in, or visit your building.

Accelerate your sustainability journey

Whether your path to enterprise sustainability is clear, or you’re exploring a long-term, integrated sustainability plan, Honeywell can help make your journey visible and actionable, with solutions to manage energy demand, assure business continuity, and leverage limited funding sources while achieving compliance.

Honeywell Buildings Sustainability Manager - powered by Honeywell Forge

Building owners and operators face two pressing yet often conflicting objectives: optimize indoor air quality, and reduce the environmental impact of their buildings. That’s where Buildings Sustainability Manager comes in. It’s a suite of solutions designed to help improve occupant well-being, meet energy efficiency goals, and change the way occupants experience a building.
Carbon and Energy Management

enables building owners and operators to optimize building performance in real time to provide a healthier indoor environment while reducing energy use and emissions.

Intelligent Building Optimization

is a building control solution that uses continuous zone-level sensor data intelligence to optimize both indoor air quality and energy consumption based on real-time occupancy levels and space use.

Remote Building Manager

Take building management to the cloud to improve uptime and control while simplifying building management. It’s faster to deploy, easier to use, and scales and adapts to your changing needs more affordably.

Brands that make sustainability a top priority


If there’s an opportunity to better the environment, we’ll help you seize it

Trend is committed to support the users of their Building Energy Management Systems to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions.


Spiraling energy costs won’t be staying with you anymore

We have energy management solutions that range from low-cost, standalone products to advanced systems that can include lighting and drape controls.


Facilities that are critical can also be sustainable

Phoenix Controls airflow solutions offer critical facilities, like chemistry, science or healthcare, the benefits of energy savings and sustainability.

Like energy, time is much too valuable to waste

That’s why it’s important to create a sustainability plan now. One that will help you reduce resource consumption, avoid waste, and comply with all environmental requirements. That way, your future, and that of our planet, is more secure.

Sustainability Sessions On-Demand

Port Of Esbjerg- Sustainable Port of the future 

The future is NOW. Decarbonization of maritime infrastructure and ports is high on the global sustainability agenda. Honeywell is helping to shape the vision of and realize a green port of the future. Watch this session to hear how we support Esbjerg Port in Denmark to become more sustainable.

Creating an energy management strategy

A good energy management strategy is key to your sustainability journey, watch this session to here from our experts how you can start to create your energy management strategy.

Technology to make the data center more sustainable

Data centers need to be sustainable without sacrificing uptime and business continuity - Watch this session to hear how technology is enabling a more sustainable Data Center.

The role of buildings in a sustainable world

There is a growing need for buildings to focus on sustainability and ensure they are doing their part to become more environmentally conscious in their operations. Watch this session to hear key energy strategies that enable facility owners to create efficient operations for a sustainable future.

Energy savings redefined with Redaptive

In the past, implementing portfolio-wide efficiency upgrades would have taken significant resources and involved a lengthy and uncertain capital budgeting process, making it difficult to deploy despite compelling benefits. Watch this session where we discuss sustainability as a service, a new and innovative strategy to fund energy programs.

Intelligent building solutions can help achieve your sustainability goals.

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