Prison guard tower
    Prison guard tower

    Correctional facilities can also be rehabilitated

    No matter what size your facility is, your issues are likely big — more inmates, fewer funds and aging buildings. Our systems can help you do more with less. We’ll help optimize security and efficiency.

    Over 600 ways to build awareness, responsiveness and confidence

    With our open platform, you can integrate over 600 different edge devices and point solutions for a near seamless exchange of information. You’ll be commanding a system with exceptional situational awareness for a more coordinated response.



    Ironically, some thieves want to break into prison

    Once cyberthieves get in, it’s typically trouble. A break-in we’d like to prevent. Our OT cybersecurity systems help protect some of the most critical prison infrastructures throughout the world. We’ve been doing it for over three decades. Let us help better protect yours.