Build more resilient and sustainable cities

    Help to reduce the time to deliver emergency services, improve the efficiency of urban mobility systems, waste management systems, lighting systems and enhance citizen engagement with Honeywell’s solution suite for smart cities.

    Honeywell’s IoT enabled city scale command & control platform is a virtually turnkey solution for city management with out of the box intuitive applications for city scale GIS based incident management, workforce dispatch, citizen engagement and pre-integrated applications with analytics to help manage multiple city services.

    Respond Effectively with single-view solution

    • Integrate multiple city systems into a single city management platform
    • Intelligent anomaly detection in city systems
    • Map & video based orchestration for optimized situational awareness & situation management
    • KPI dashboards for city services

    Manage delivery of city services

    • Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) driven management of anomalies
    • Inter-agency coordination for service delivery
    • Pre-integrated suite of operational & analytics applications for police, fire & medical emergency services, transport & traffic management, parking management, waste management street light management, etc.

    Enhance Citizen Engagement

    • City portal & omni channel city helpline management solution
    • Citizen mobile for single window access to multiple city services
    • City open data portal for open innovation

    Coordinated response to medical emergencies

    • Computer Aided Dispatch for healthcare system
    • City level Situation management
    • Mobility solution for citizen & first responders

    Honeywell is playing a defining role in the building of smart cities globally. Honeywell’s smart city systems have been deployed in over 70 cities, connecting over 100,000 IoT sensors and touching the lives of over 100 million people.

    Honeywell technologies for smart cities and its global expertise in delivering complex integrated solutions are helping cities become more resilient, while contributing to enhancing the quality of life for citizens. Honeywell City Suite can help reduce the time to deliver emergency services and support the improvement of the efficiency of urban mobility systems, waste management systems and citizen engagement.


    Skoch Smart Governance Award 2017 Platinum for “Integrated CCTV Surveillance System for the state of Madhya Pradesh” awarded to MP Police Telecom Headquarters, Government of Madhya Pradesh

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    National Award for Excellence in Smart Cities

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    CMO Asia Smart City Awards 2017, category “Smart City Surveillance Initiative”, awarded to Honeywell Building Solutions

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