Win the race against wasted space

Eliminate the silent expense of unused and underused office space. We help you understand how and when your building actually gets used.

Know for certain how you’re using space

Many organizations have no data-driven idea of whether they have enough space or too much, or how and when it’s being used.

Honeywell Vector Space Sense can help you find and maintain that delicate balance, and make informed decisions about optimizing space.

Use data to identify energy and real estate savings

Honeywell Vector Space Sense uses IoT sensors to collect data generated by occupancy sensors. You’ll learn:

  • What spaces are being under- or over-used
  • Usage patterns
  • Occupancy patterns

Integrating that data with your building management systems has many benefits:

  • Save capital and operational expense on real estate
  • Control energy costs
  • Improve occupant comfort, engagement and productivity

Solve the “new economy” space puzzle

Rather than relying on guesstimates about schedules for functions like HVAC and lighting, you can provide services that reflect the actual use of your building.

The rise in flexible workspaces and remote working arrangements makes it hard to plan space. With data about how your facilities are being used, you can plan accurately for future real estate investments (and divestments) and assess if you have the right amount of room to fit your needs.

Discover which half of your space is underused

Visualize how your space is used

Data collected by Space Sense is shown in dashboards and on maps and graphs. Building managers can make sound decisions about facility design and allocation. Besides cutting expenses, the same data can improve the occupant experience based on actual usage patterns.

We can help solve even your toughest space usage problems. If you want to use your space more intelligently, let’s talk.

What is Honeywell Vector Space Sense?

It’s a software solution that helps building managers understand how people are actually using their buildings

How does Space Sense work?

It uses IoT sensors throughout your building to learn where people are and when. This information is analyzed to generate real-world data that lets you make decisions about space utilization and building operations.

Can my company use third-party IoT sensors?

Yes. It can use open-source third-party sensors.

How much can Space Sense save my company?

It depends on the size of your company. Underused space is estimated to cost companies with more than 5,000 employees millions of dollars a year. Also, the energy savings associated with accurately knowing building use patterns can be significant.

Does Space Sense work with building management systems?

Yes. It’s designed to integrate with building management systems to better control energy usage and save money. It provides actual occupancy patterns to inform building management system schedules instead of following fixed timings.