Marshalltown Police & Fire Installs Phoenix G2 Station Alerting System

    Hometown Tech Provider RACOM Partners with USDD to Implement New System

    PHOENIX – September 24, 2019 – US Digital Designs (USDD) recently announced yet another successful installation of its groundbreaking Phoenix G2 Station Alerting System into a new, $17.5 million police and fire department facility serving Marshalltown, Iowa. Designed and manufactured by USDD, the new emergency alerting system is a highlight of the new Marshalltown facility, and joins a host of other, vastly improved features and benefits to provide state-of-the-art technology that is aiding firefighters and first responders.

    Along with the numerous other advancements the new safety facility offers, Marshalltown Fire Chief Dave Rierson said he and his staff are notably impressed with the USDD system, which, he said, will specifically address some of the emergency-related issues, including greatly increased emergency response times and greater situational awareness for firefighters and emergency personnel whey they respond to scene of an event.

    “Our new Phoenix G2 Station Alerting System is providing our department with several advantages and improvements,” Chief Rierson noted. “Response time is important to those we serve, and with the new system, call processing time has decreased and overall response time has improved.”

    Chief Rierson also pointed out that, with the digital voice the system employs, dispatches are clearer, and easier to hear. He also said that the inclusion of digital message boards help the apparatus operator, as the address is displayed next to the bay door, providing the address one additional time. “What’s more,” Chief Rierson said, “we included a turn-out timer, so crews can see and track their response to pages for service.”

    Throughout the station alerting project design and installation, the USDD team worked hand-in-hand with RACOM, the Marshalltown-based safety technology equipment designer and installer. USDD General Manager Dominic Magnoni said that the level of teamwork and dedication to the lengthy and complex project has resulted in a truly state-of-the-art system for Marshalltown.

    “We’re grateful that the Marshalltown city managers, police and fire officials recognized the tremendous value our G2 system offers for contemporary emergency safety facilities,” Magnoni said. “In Marshalltown, as well as in an increasing number of municipalities around the globe, our Phoenix G2 Fire Station Alerting System is making a truly life-saving difference.”

    About US Digital Designs

    US Digital Designs is a product engineering and consulting company specializing in designing, developing and installing high-quality and high-reliability mission-critical systems related to fire station alerting, robotics and more. Based in the Phoenix, Arizona metro area, the company prides itself on its reputation for developing the outstanding Phoenix G2 Station Alerting System, which plays a major role in helping save lives and reducing property losses in emergency situations.