Identify ways to change how you operate your building

    Many commercial building owners, like many businesses, are doing more with less. It’s often because they can’t find enough skilled workers to support their facility management teams. This along with increasing financial pressures, many commercial real estate leaders say that optimizing their operations is a current priority.[i]

    Improving building performance – from a single site to an entire portfolio – can be done with more integrated and better contextual data. One way to do this is to leverage technologies that enable building owners to control complex sets of systems using one unified platform to make more agile, insightful decisions. The ability to view and manage systems holistically can enable more strategic facility management.

    With flexible workspaces and hybrid work, it’s essential to understand who’s in the office and why they’re there, as well as how occupant density changes building management strategies. Asset performance is also key with the ability to improve performance with real-time insights to identify trends. The more information the system provides about operations, the better organizations can manage and control the experience. Integration platforms, like the Honeywell Enterprise Building Integrator, can help owners and operators remove operational silos to make buildings smarter and healthier. It also enables tenants to streamline workflows, run their businesses more smoothly and manage costs.

    Beyond integration, the right building service partner and contract can help you address multiple challenges – from managing rising energy costs, improving uptime and optimizing your facility team’s time. Honeywell can even help provide remote building management – helping to solve issues remotely without sending out a service team – saving both time and money. A remote building management team may also identify potential disruptions before they occur to reduce downtime. This allows you to focus on your business's core mission.

    By integrating software, hardware and services, your building can become a more profitable asset that is more attractive to tenants. It also allows building owners and employers to put the occupant at the center, creating building ecosystems that better foster efficiency, productivity and collaboration.

    [i] J.P. Morgan, 2023 Business Leaders Outlook: Commercial Real Estate, January 17, 2023 [Accessed July 16, 2023]