Monitor, manage, and protect your building with SMAs

There for when you need It, the Niagara Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA) ensures your building Is operating at Its highest levels of performance

Access the latest and greatest from Niagara

Customers with SMA coverage have automatic access to both minor and major updates, allowing them to immediately benefit from new features and functionality. Know that your connectivity, data visualization, and deployment options are state of the art and that your cyber defenses are up to date.

Discover what an SMA can do for you

Facility Managers

Ensure your building Is operating at Its highest performance level 

IT Professionals

Access the latest IT advancements as well as cyber-security best practices

Business Owners and Managers

Treat your tenants to exceptional comfort while ensuring a safer workspace.


Better serve your customers with an up-to-date system that makes your job easier.

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