Albany Plus™ Floor Mounted Socket Outlet

Floor Mounted Socket Outlets are top-facing, angled and have backed-out terminals which make wiring easier and quicker. They can be quickly installed as replacement for existing 13A sockets or in a new installation.

Floor Mounted Socket Outlets are designed for ease of installation and having all the advantageous design features of the MK range of wiring devices. They have two independent earth terminals so that they can also be used for ‘clean earth’ installations. A variety of sockets are fitted with two earth terminals on a common bus bar to provide a double earth facility for use when installations require a high integrity protective connection as specified within the latest edition of BS 7671 which should be referred to for guidance.

Features & Benefits:
  • Moulded ‘on’ indicator flash on plastic switches will not rub off – totally safe
  • Matching Metal rocker Switches
  • Optional neon indicators in the switch rockers with 175° visibility in the horizontal and vertical planes
  • 3 pin operated safety shutter
  • Printed terminal markings on grey rear mouldings for clearer identification
  • Top access, angled terminals make wiring easier and quicker
  • 3mm minimum switch contact gap
  • Double pole switching
  • Choice of inboard or outboard positioned rockers
  • Switch contacts with silver contacts on both surfaces for good continuity
  • Comply with BS 1363-2:1995


  • Brand
    • MK Electric


  • Brand
    • MK Electric
  • Brand : MK Electric
Floor Mounted Socket Outlet, 1G, 13A, 1-pole, Hinged Cover Plate, Aluminium, Satin Gold, 102mx86m
13A 1G Switch Socket Less Frontplates & Screws