WINMAG plus V06, Single Licences and License Packages

WINMAG plus Multi Client Licenses are option for the WINMAG plus standard license allows additional clients to be connected in a computer network to the WINMAG plus server workstation


WINMAG plus Multi Client Licenses are license must be installed at the server workstation for WINMAG plus is a PC based management system, a technology specifically designed to meet high security. For each client, only the WINMAG plus software is required. For each client, one WINMAG plus Client license is required

Features & Benefits:
  • Modular design and freely programmable
  • Direct control of the users in the network
  • Measures catalog for emergency services
  • Individual assignment of user rights - priority control
  • Simulation functions integrated
  • Extensive logging of events and operations
  • Webbased protocol analysis
  • Visualisation of messages
  • Up to 12 active graphics can be displayed simultaneously
  • Integration of video sequences possible
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