Qatar Stadiums

    Seamless Integration for Qatar Stadiums

    When one of the world’s biggest sporting tournaments came to Qatar in November 2022, the host country wanted to create world-class experiences across all eight stadiums. The project called for one stadium to be retrofitted and rapid construction for seven more, as well as other infrastructure needs. 


    Create premium stadium experiences suited to world-class athletes.

    • Provide central monitoring and control of all stadiums from a single platform

    • Maintain comfortable environments for fans and athletes at all times of year

    Select a technology partner with proven success at complex, multi-city integration:

    • Enable tournament infrastructure to remain resilient and useful for years to come

    • Integrate building management, access control and intrusion detection between each venue and a command center

    • Support sustainability goals by implementing and monitoring high-efficiency energy use



    The stadiums range 40 miles (64 km) around Doha, each with unique needs for its design, security and building management system (BMS).

    Given this scope, Honeywell recommended a cloud-based solution as a fast, effective way to enable private and secure integration within and between each venue, all connected to the Aspire Command & Control Center.



    Honeywell recommended Enterprise Buildings Integrator (EBI) as the cloud-integration platform and BMS. They also implemented a distributed system architecture, which lets all sites share resources as a single system for better functionality, and faster, more cost-effective integration. 


    • Resilient, efficient stadium infrastructure helps support sustainability goals using automated energy optimization

    • Easier integration, maintenance, and operations by using distributed system architecture and a consistent set of devices across all stadiums

    • Open platform readily integrate third-party technologies for future needs