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Let’s clear the air about healthy schools

Help improve the air in your school and create a healthier environment for students and staff with HEPA Portable Air Purifiers

Indoor air quality contributes to School Health

Controlling bacteria, pollen, pollutants and other contaminants can be done with proper filtration. The HEPA Portable Air Purifier is a perfect place to start toward creating a healthier learning environment.

Air quality matters

Studies show that comfort levels inside your school impact health, performance, and the comfort of students and staff. This is influenced by factors such as comfortable temperatures and humidity, as well as air that is free of irritants, allergens and unwelcome odors.

Air Flow

Powerful and adjustable levels of air flow

Quieter than ever

Powerful and adjustable levels of air flow

Bluetooth Compatible

Powerful and adjustable levels of air flow

Cleaner Air

Powerful and adjustable levels of air flow

School Applications

Air Flow
Air Flow


Designed to promote healthier learning environments

Shared Spaces

Remove more airborne particles before they circulate through common areas.

Air Flow
Air Flow


Give staff a cleaner, more productive workspace

Let’s optimize your school

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can we purchase portable air purifiers in bulk?

Yes, our experts can help you purchase in bulk for your classroom

Can you purchase these air purifiers through a group purchasing organization (GPO)?

Yes, we work with group purchasing organizations such as TIPS as another way to distribute our portable air purifiers.

Is federal funding available for air purifiers?

We can advise you on the upgrades and devices that are eligible for ESSER funding and how to apply. However, federal relief funding is just one option. For years, we’ve helped schools secure other grants and financing, and strategically planned cost-effective projects that can pay for themselves. Speak to an expert today to learn more about funding options (link to:

We want to improve the air quality in the classroom but are concerned about the noise level. Will these air purifiers distract our students?

An air purifier operates between 23-50 dB noise level, which is less than the sound of an air conditioner even at the highest speed. Our Honeywell Portable Air Purifiers offer quiet selectable cleaning levels, click here to learn more