Commercial building solutions Honeywell
    Commercial building solutions Honeywell

    Transforming the office building of the future, together

    What makes a building stand taller than the rest: How well data drives efficiencies? How fluently systems communicate? How much people enjoy being in it? Whatever your dream is, we can help make it real.

    What happens in your building is what matters most about your building.

    We want to turn your building into a highly profitable asset. By seamlessly integrating hardware, software, and analytics - all backed by skilled services, we are driving the digital transformation of buildings. We are creating building ecosystems that put the occupant at the center and fostering environments of efficiency, productivity, and collaboration.

    Put occupants at the heart of your strategy

    Together we can create safer, healthier building environments that provide seamless and customized occupant experiences that enable collaborative interactions and hybrid office environments. Our open and extensible connectivity prepares tenants for the ever-changing workplace. The Honeywell occupant experience app empowers building occupants with real-time data in the palm of their hands.

    Healthy Building Score

    Find Out How Healthy Your Building Is

    According to various studies, having a healthy building has many benefits to organizations such as improved productivity, attracting and retaining talent, and better occupant health.

    Well Certification

    International Well Certified Institute

    Building Automation is a member of International Well Certified Institute, a leading tool for advancing health and well-being in buildings globally.


    Honeywell makes your progression throughout the sustainability journey visible and easy to accomplish, offering solutions to manage energy demand, drive business continuity and effectively leverage often limited funding sources while achieving compliance and working towards meeting ESG.

    Why Sustainability Should be Your Competitive Edge

    Executives are increasing turning to sustainability as a force multiplier for competitive advantage. Download this whitepaper to gain insight into how you can uncover outcome-based opportunities to make your operation for sustainable.

    Demand Safety in Your Environments

    Automated, holistic buildings make life more convenient for you and your occupants. We can integrate safety systems within your building, so you always know what’s happening, and can be more confident it’s protected from cybersecurity risks, too.

    Tighten Your Security and Your Costs

    Accessible, cloud-connected solutions. Compatibility with current equipment. Protocols that play well with others. We design for data security. We’re a founder of the Global Cybersecurity Alliance and work to enhance your systems, helping to keep them safe from threats.


    Reduce risks, maximize profits and get more value

    A healthy, safe and secure building is just the beginning. Owners and occupants also envision the ideal building experience for employees and customers.


    All the tools you need to develop your projects

    Make your work easier by finding the latest Honeywell guide specifications, division 25 specification or BIM files.

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