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    The Next Big Step Toward Sustainability

    Buildings can have a big impact on the planet in energy use and carbon emissions. We have solutions that are ready now to help meet your sustainability goals while providing a great experience for occupants.

    Take control of your sustainability strategy

    New regulations and carbon reduction goals are in motion. As companies rise to the challenge and work toward exceeding these goals, our energy and carbon solutions and renewable energy innovations can help make sure ambitious, but necessary initiatives, aren’t overwhelming. Honeywell is ready now to help your building to be more sustainable.

    Tracking Carbon Emission Goals and Energy Efficiency

    Learn how businesses who own and operate buildings are working to manage their carbon and emissions and implement energy efficiency standards as buildings evolve to cope with climate change.

    The Future of Healthier and More Sustainable Buildings

    Explore ways to promote building health and sustainability. Our technical reference guide discusses the relevant technology and selecting ideal partners to support your sustainability goals.

    Fast Track Your Sustainability Journey

    Commercial buildings account for almost a third of energy consumption and 37% of global carbon emissions. It’s imperative to find energy savings within the built environment to help achieve carbon reduction commitments.

    Enable better sustainability outcomes


    Monitor, control and optimize

    Manage energy use and Scope 1 and 2 carbon emissions while optimizing energy costs without impacting the occupant experience.


    Create resilience

    Optimize on-site, supply-side resources and building assets based on grid availability, utility rates and building energy consumption.


    Optimize building loads

    Make electric vehicle charging easy to manage and cost effective with end-to-end capabilities for nearly any BMS or charging infrastructure.

    Discover how Honeywell is building a more sustainable future

    Learn about how Honeywell gauges global progress, commits to improvement, and innovates for a better tomorrow.

    Trends in sustainability


    of energy demand globally were generated by buildings and construction in 2022[i]


    of energy and process-related CO2 emissions globally were generated by buildings and construction in 2022[i]


    of emissions are covered, with around 145 countries having carbon emission goals[ii]

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