Connected Life Safety Services (CLSS) Horizon

    Complete line-of-sight monitoring for informed, real-time decision making

    Connected Life Safety Services (CLSS) Horizon is Honeywell’s PC-based graphical monitoring software for on-premise or remote fire alarm system monitoring – empowering users to act fast when seconds count.

    Whether you need to monitor a single building, a campus, or a citywide or global enterprise, CLSS Horizon provides complete line-of-sight monitoring for your life safety system.

    CLSS Horizon offers two connection options – LAN-Connected and Cloud-Connected.

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    New to CLSS Horizon or not sure which connection option is best for you? Download the flyer to understand the key features and requirements for LAN-Connected and Cloud-Connected Horizon.

    CLSS LAN-Connected Horizon is a PC-based application for fire system monitoring via Ethernet on a Local Area Network. Download the application guide to learn more about system requirements, restrictions, and more.

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