Pro-Watch Integrated Security Suite

Bringing video surveillance, access control and advanced analytics into one web-based interface that can meet all security needs.

Let us give you a panoramic view of your security system

Imagine one integrated interface with mapping, alarms, workflows, reports and auditing capabilities. You get actionable intelligence for rapid decision making. And by integrating systems and streamlining compliance and intelligence reports, you cut costs.

Why is Honeywell Security right for your enterprise?


Smarter, more well-informed decisions start with a fully integrated system

When components are fully connected, you get access to critical information. Instantly. Actionable Intelligence can help you master your security environment.


When compliance reporting time is reduced, so is the total cost of ownership

Our Pro-Watch Integrated Security Suite streamlines the generation of compliance and business intelligence reports. That lowers deployment costs and your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).


Be aware of a possible threat before it becomes a bigger one

Pro-Watch has integrated video analytics like occupancy density, people counting, mask detection and license plate recognition to help surveillance operators protect people and property efficiently. 

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Even if you’re geographically dispersed, you can be technologically integrated

With Pro-Watch Integrated Security Suite, all security systems for all the sites can be monitored from a single point. Users get visibility of your entire enterprise while also enabling local operational autonomy.

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