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Be ready for the unthinkable.

The time to detect a fire is when it’s just a wisp of smoke. That’s exactly what our systems do. We’ll work with you to build solutions that help keep your people and buildings safe.

Meet fire threats with an integrated detect and response strategy.

Fire protection begins with detection and response. We have experience equipping buildings of every size and complexity. We can scale solutions as your needs evolve by connecting, enhancing and automating life safety systems.

Our brands

Non-Proprietary SMB Brands


Fiplex designs, engineers and delivers mission-critical communication solutions that lead the industry in performance, value and trust.

Fire Lite

Build your fire safety business with easy and safe solutions from Fire-Lite.

Silent Knight

Silent Knight offers flexible and reliable solutions for your fire-safety needs.

System Sensor

System Sensor offers world-class fire detection and notification solutions

US Digital Designs 

Fire station alerting solutions that equip first responders with fast and accurate information to enable quicker responses and enhanced situational awareness.

Proprietary Enterprise Brands

Farenhyt Series

Make tomorrow a safer place with the Farenhyt Series.


Take full advantage of Gamewell-FCI's life and property protection solutions.


Explore NOTIFIER's leading life safety solutions that empower you to better protect your people and property.

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