What if you could transform the way fire systems are designed, commissioned, monitored and maintained with one tool?

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Honeywell Connected Life Safety Services (CLSS) places connectivity at the heart of fire safety, providing real-time visibility to enhance timely, accurate decision-making.

Honeywell Connected Life Safety Services (CLSS)

CLSS is an innovative, all-in-one cloud platform that enables system integrators and facilities managers to deliver an enhanced fire safety service, while maximizing the performance efficiencies offered by Honeywell’s trusted detection and alarm systems.

By harnessing the power of data, CLSS delivers the connectivity and intelligence needed for secure, compliant and more efficient fire system management.

Streamlining Fire and Life Safety

Alarm Transmission

CLSS can help increase fire system connectivity, improve alarm signal reporting detail, and optimize the communication path of alarm signals. Communicator options give opportunities for one-click programming, streamlined central station account setup, and value-added tools.

*availability subject to local regulations and standards

Remote Diagnostic Tools

CLSS streamlines life safety system management through remote access to system information on your mobile device or desktop PC.  Monitor a single building or multiple sites easily with informative dashboards and access to detailed system information wherever you are.

Test & Inspect

Easily automate the Test & Inspect process. Input devices, test and update your NFPA reports in an instant. Reporting is faster and more accurate with CLSS.

Configuration Tools

CLSS Connected Configuration Tools provide remote connections and enhanced software licensing for faster commissioning, improved license administration, and security.

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CLSS For System Integrators And Service Providers

Deep insight into maintenance portfolio. Knowledge of device age, health and status enables more efficient maintenance planning as well as real-time monitoring of system events such as fire/fault and disablements.

Enables engineers to understand their next site visit before they arrive. Detailed system status and site information can be viewed, increasing first time fix rates and maintenance performance.

Key panel functionality to the palm of your hand. Technicians can disable outputs, activate sounders, reset the panel, activate LEDs to confirm location, and even update device labels using their mobile phone.

Device condition reports. Available at the touch of a button to assist end-user with life cycle costs.

Remote consolidated view of a customers systems. Provides insight into progress of maintenance activities against plan with access to regulatory and non-regulatory reports at the touch of a button.

Quickly generate compliance reports. Following inspection or maintenance visits reports can be generated, shared and stored in the cloud for audit purposes.

CLSS For System Owners And Facility Management

Accurate forecasting of life cycle costs of fire system service and maintenance. By enabling predictive maintenance, site managers can spot and fix issues early, before they result in unforecasted operational costs.

Peace of mind that systems are compliant. Fast access to incontrovertible proof of compliance with mandated inspection and maintenance requirements, with full audit trail stored securely in the cloud.

Real-time operational information. Enabling site managers to react quickly to incidents and take appropriate measures. Cross-site connectivity.

A holistic view of all your facilities. Ensure sites are operating effectively and meeting compliance requirements. Real time details of significant events such as fire, faults/troubles and disablements. Insight into scheduled system testing, inspection reports and inventory of devices.

Protected with extensive built-in cybersecurity provisions. Honeywell is committed to proactively monitoring the cybersecurity landscape, ensuring data is safely stored and securely accessible to permitted system users.

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