A customized energy solution that pays for itself

We’ll create a plan that helps you face the challenge of having to cut energy costs and reduce your carbon footprint — with a limited budget.

These days, government entities like yours have to do more with less. And that comes with risk. What helps you do more, whether it’s infrastructure improvement or increasing operational efficiencies, usually requires a deep financial commitment.

But with an Energy Savings Performance Contract (ESPC), we’re solving these challenges for governmental agencies, the military and schools around the world. Aversion to risk is understandable. But our deep experience can greatly reduce it.

A plan that comes with guidance

We understand the importance of saving on energy costs to redirect that money to other projects. And that you’re looking to cut your greenhouse gas emissions. To address these issues, we’ll guide you to a plan that:

  • Requires little or no capital funding
  • Improves the efficiency of building operations
  • Promotes substantial energy savings

It starts with an audit and ends with an efficient facility

First, we’ll perform an energy audit of your entire infrastructure to find out what’s working. And what could be working more efficiently. Then we’ll suggest an ESPC that will allow you to:

  • Generate enough energy savings to pay for the project over the term of the contract
  • Reduce your facility’s environmental impact
  • Partner with us as your ESCO Energy Service Company to take your project from concept to completion

What ESPC offers that “bid and spec” doesn’t

When you choose an ESPC, the entire project is financed by what you save in energy costs. With “bid and spec,” you’d have to find your own financing. And as your Energy Service Company, we’ll also take responsibility for:

  • Planning and designing the entire project instead of you having to pay an engineer
  • Orchestrating the project construction so you don’t need to search, and pay, for contractors
  • Capturing post-project performance measures on an ongoing basis

Energy Savings Performance Contracts have helped government entities all over the world make sustainability plans and infrastructure improvements financially feasible. They’ve worked so well that our projects meet 97% of their projected savings levels. If you’d like that kind of success for your facility, let’s talk.