Buildings run better when systems work together

    Enabled by the Honeywell Forge platform, Enterprise Buildings Integrator (EBI) helps you run a smarter building to more effectively protect health, enhance security and lower costs.

    An agnostic solution to total integration

    Imagine being able to manage every building system in one place, using a universal set of tools and analytics. Enterprise Buildings Integrator (EBI) makes this a reality: Monitor and operate complex facilities or campuses through an interactive map of your site.

    Integrated building operations help you optimize efficiency and responsiveness, protect health and safety, and increase the comfort and security of your facilities.

    EBI is an open, scalable solution that works with a wide range of third-party equipment and software. It reduces operational and lifecycle costs while giving you plenty of room to grow as your needs expand.

    A single view for clear, accurate decisions

    Controlling a complex set of systems in one unified view, your employees can use integrated building data to drive better decisions. Whether you manage a single building, a campus, or global operations, the ability to holistically view and manage systems makes for a clearer understanding of your buildings, adding agility and insight to decision making.

    We can integrate a range of systems including:

    • Building and energy management
    • Health and safety
    • Security and access control
    • Video surveillance

    Automated workflows mean faster responses 

    Beyond a detailed, global view of your operations, EBI automates workflows so the right people are alerted when they should be and the right procedures get triggered automatically.

    Cloud connectivity means you can manage your facilities on the go or from multiple locations. And intuitive zoomable maps give you a unified view of your facilities.

    Smart integration with a wide range of platforms

    EBI can integrate with virtually any third-party system or equipment, and is designed for native integration with:

    • Honeywell Building Manager for HVAC monitoring and control, maintenance management, lighting control, health risk monitoring, and regulatory compliance.
    • Honeywell Energy Manager to collect, analyze and act on data to reduce energy consumption, costs and carbon emissions across your facility. It also monitors, validates and optimizes energy usage to help the environment and save you money.
    • Honeywell Security Manager to protect people, assets and intellectual property through security monitoring, access control and surveillance devices, including time and attendance monitoring, visitor management, and asset and personnel tracking.
    • Honeywell LifeSafety Manager to monitor and control alarm systems for fire detection and smoke controls, as well as public address and voice announcements.
    • Honeywell Digital Video Manager, a digital CCTV surveillance solution that includes video analytics and event-based recording and viewing, using existing or new cameras connected directly to your network.

    EBI knocks down operational silos to make buildings smarter and healthier, streamline workflows, and help your business run smoothly and profitably. Let’s talk about how we can customize the right solution for you.

    Why should I upgrade to EBI R610?

    EBI R610 delivers powerful enhancements, including:

    • Healthy Buildings dashboards
    • Enhanced IT standards compliance
    • Zoomable map navigation
    • Built-in cybersecurity monitoring and updates
    • Enhanced privacy protection supporting GDPR
    • Improved scalability and performance

    Cloud-based deployment can reduce upfront capital costs, and gives you browser-based access from anywhere.

    R610 has licensing options for subscription and hosted installations, and complies with the latest IT standards, including Microsoft Windows Server® 2019, Microsoft Windows® 10, Microsoft SQL Server® 2019, BACnet Secure Connect, 64-character point descriptions, UTF8 character tag names, KBOB BACnet compliance, and OPC UA history.

    What are some platform and security features of EBI?

    Features include:

    • Alarm Management
    • Enterprise Model
    • Software Update Service
    • Policy Enforcer
    • Windows® Operating System Compliance
    Which open systems does EBI support?

    Supported systems include:

    • HTML5
    • BACnet AWS
    • OPC
    • Enterprise Web Services
    • Building 2 Building using Web Services, ONVIF & LonWorks
    Which mobility and remote access standards does EBI support?
    • HTML5
    • Smartphone access via EasyMobile™
    • Full-featured tablet access
    Does EBI include access control features?

    Yes. You can integrate access control solutions by adding:

    • Tema-Voyager™ iClass support
    • IdentIPoint logical security extensions
    • PCSC fault tolerant
    • Visitor Management improvements to audit visitor assets and simplify visitor registration
    Which building management systems does EBI integrate?

    Systems that can be integrated include:

    • Building Manager
    • Security Manager
    • LifeSafety Manager
    • Digital Video Manager
    • Energy Manager
    Does EBI use a distributed systems architecture?

    Yes. It's a scalable system comprised of independent nodes that can share information to create a fully distributed fault-tolerant architecture.

    Can EBI automate tasks and set up unified global schedules?

    Yes. Integration with building management systems is easy through simple rules-based automation:

    • Advanced diagnostics
    • Exception and base schedules
    • Schedule log
    • Integrated download summary
    Does EBI integrate with energy management systems?

    Yes. They include:

    • Honeywell Energy Manager
    • Attune™ Advisory Services
    • Automated Demand Response Gateway
    What kind of Healthy Buildings dashboards are available in EBI R610?

    EBI R610 supports several types of dashboards to help you monitor health risks in your building, including:

    • Configured Healthy Building Risk Alarms page
    • Associated floor plan for better situational awareness, quick analysis and faster action
    • Recorded clips and live video monitoring for efficient handling of incidents