Control Panels

ACS PRO (ACS-4) Access Control Hardware

ACS PRO Access control hardware for 2 doors and 4 readers, upgradeable to control up to 16 doors. Operates with IQ-MultiAccess and WINMAG.


The Honeywell ACS PRO controller provides intelligent, flexible, and scalable access control solutions from 2 up to 16 doors.

ACS PRO enables users to securely manage their system in conjunction with the dedicated access control software IQ-MultiAccess. The user-friendly design and all interfaces available make it simple to install and easy to operate and maintain.

The ACS PRO controller gives you all the benefits of traditional access control, such as helping you secure doors, manage employee access and manage sites remotely. Pull reports easily via IQ-MultiAccess to meet compliance requirements. ACS PRO compatibility with (legacy) RS-485 I/O devices and door controller ensures economical installations and reduces training and maintenance costs.

Due to the licensing concept, the functional extension of the basic system in case of changing requirements is also possible in existing premises without replacing the hardware. The modular product range consisting of complete assemblies, controllers, and housings with power supply units enables cost-effective assemblies to be adapted to the premises' conditions.

The ACS PRO Basic Access controller kit manages up to 2 doors, but is upgradeable with licenses (ACS-LIC2D, ACS-LIC4D). After obtaining the license from the licensing portal, the ACS-4 Setup tool can be used to apply the 2-door license to the ACS PRO 4+-controller. The ACS PRO Controller can now support up to 8, 12 or 16 doors, depending to the applied 4-door licenses, and will indicate the valid number of controlled doors via the RUN LED.

After the first door upgrade, the activated extension busses can be connected to Modulbus readers, door modules, input/output modules and relay modules, e.g.for elevator control and door control.

The ACS PRO kit is delivered with a standard metal enclosure including power supply. The ACS PRO controller (ACS4C3-2) includes clear connection instructions and can be mounted in wall enclosures (MPA2ENCME, ACS4ENCMV) or a 19"-enclosure (MPACSENCM2U).

ACS PRO operates with IQ-MultiAccess V25 SP1 or higher and with up to 8 RS-485 Modulbus and/or up to 4 Clock-Data Readers. To control more than 8 doors, door control modules are required to physically connect the doors to the ACS PRO controller.

When VdS compliance is required in access control installations, the Honeywell ACS-4 kit (ACS3004V-MPS) provides a VdS certified intelligent access control solutions for up to 4 doors, not upgradeable via licenses.

ACS-4 operates with IQ-MultiAccess V25 or higher and with up to 8 VdS approved RS-485 Modulbus MIFARE DESFire readers

Features & Benefits:
  • Scalable multi-site access, visualization and event procedure management as well integration with intrusion, video, fire and building automation systems is made easy with IQ-MultiAccess and WINMAG, including visitor management
  • VdS compliant 4-door solution for needs of customers in Critical Infrastructructure Protection industry
  • Single hardware strategy allows stock of one type of device and low service stock, still meeting end customer demands through license activated functionalities
  • Licenses allow full scalability in doors, features and extensions without swapping out hardware
  • Designed to reduce install time and cabling costs
  • Built-in fire input override requires no additional relays, giving easy escape routes and first responder access
  • Card-to-Host secure ensuring multi-site secure installations using MIFARE DESFire credentials
  • Security certificate capability ensures secure and trusted connections to the panel
  • Extensive macro control engine allows flexible triggers and procedures
  • Compatible with existing ACS-8 field modules and ACS-2 installations for easy replacement and expansion
  • ACS PRO :
  • EMC/CE
  • ACS-4 VdS Compliant:
  • EMC/CE, ACS3004V-MPS: VdS Z123001
  • EN 60839-11-2 Grade 3
  • EN 50131-6:2017 + A1:2021