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    NovaTime ÖV without Terminal

    NovaTime ÖV without Terminal is Intelligent time management system features efficient functionalities and user-friendly solutions enable you to implement time recording


    NovaTime ÖV without Terminal is Independent package from NovaTime software, without terminal especially for public administrations. It offers working hours 38.5, 39 or 40 hours a week, part-time with different weekly hours, shift work, alternating shift, sun day and holiday work. if a working time account is used, this can easily be used to "slip off the extra hours".

    The project and activity recording can be switched on to be able to assign the building yard activities, important also the subsequent assignment in the evening to the individual activities. The absence requests are approved or rejected in a paperless manner via the workflow, since the superior also has an overview of his department and can make correct decisions. Employees can also use the self-assessment to view their own booking data, track the status of applications and view their annual calendar. This eliminates the constant queries in personnel administration

    Features & Benefits:
    • Automatic determination of availability hours
    • Extensive statistical functions already pre-parameterized
    • Own list generator and ready-made lists already integrated with data export
    • Online system, the current balance can be checked at any time
    • Time limitation of the overtime entitlement
    • Business trips and business trips can be controlled by yourself
    • Monitoring of certain absence reasons, rebooking from an adjustable threshold
    • Reduction of administrative costs
    • Exact determination of the surcharges