Airport safety and security challenges need a topflight solution.

Never has monitoring the safety and security of airports been so important. Managing flow, identifying potential risks and detecting noncompliance to regulations can present challenges. We can help.

Give passengers confidence that their journey is safer.

There’s one thing that everybody wants to take with them on their trip. The knowledge that your airport is doing everything it can to make them safer. Here are some of the ways we’re helping to make that happen.

Land more positive outcomes for your airport.

How do we create a safe, secure and efficient environment for everyone? With advanced technology and analytics for airside operations, healthy terminals, and integrated safety and security systems. Let’s adapt your airport to a new world of travel.


Protect your airport. And its reputation.

Your response to a disruption can impact your reputation. So effective outcomes matter, whether you’re tracking a person of interest, investigating an incident or monitoring safety.


Verifying personnel groups just got easier.

Pro-Watch Identity Management Assurance helps airport security managers verify the identity and background of groups of personnel and contractors as they move through an airport.


Get ahead of a fire with early detection.

Adopting early fire and smoke detection into airport operations leaves maximum time to assess and control a potential evacuation situation and potentially avoid costly downtime.


Voice alarms make it safer and efficient.

Voice Alarms provide real-time, zoned information. Voice messages are proven to be more effective in helping people take fast, corrective action during an emergency or gate change.